Spencer Sutherland Debuts New Single “Wonder” and 70s Inspired Video

Featured Photo Credit: Lexie Alley

Alt pop singer/songwriter Spencer Sutherland has released his third single of 2020, “Wonder.”

The soulful track highlights Sutherland’s signature falsetto as he croons through a flood of questions, ultimately asking if he’ll, “ever stop wondering about you.” 

The single is paired with a 70s inspired visual that gives off Wes Anderson vibes. Masked by a nostalgic film look, a jumpsuit clad Sutherland breaks the fourth wall and sings to listeners about the girl, played by featuring Annabelle and Supernatural actress Katie Sarife, enjoying a beach picnic with him. 

While enjoying “Wonder,” fans can look forward to a new project later this year, as well as the upcoming Netflix Original Movie Afterlife Of The Party, starring Sutherland, Victoria Justice and Midori Francis. Spencer will also lend his musical talent to the soundtrack.