Sophie Ann Talks About Empowering New Song “Flawless”

Los Angeles songstress Sophie Ann released her new song “Flawless” a few months ago. The song tackles autonomy and independence following the end of an relationship on the self-love anthem. The track is a reminder for Sophie and her listeners that they don’t need anyone else to make them happy, or in this case “flawless.”

How did “Flawless” turn into a song?

After a rough breakup, I had to learn how to be an independent woman and look out for myself without the help of a partner. When I started to feel stronger, I started to feel better and more valuable than I did when I was in a relationship. During this time, I was in the process of writing songs for myself as an artist, and Flawless just came out!

What’s the message you hope fans take away from the song?

Why do you think now is a good time for people to listen to “Flawless?” 
I feel like we all need an anthem that reminds us how strong we are and can be during a tough time. Flawless has become that for me.

What’s something/someone that you think is “Flawless?”

I think anyone who is able to find self confidence from inside themselves is Flawless and deserves to be celebrated!

Can fans expect an album/tour coming soon? 

Album, definitely! You can expect a tour in the future, but expect more new songs coming your way!

Take a listen to “Flawless” below!