Slush Puppy Tackles “classic high school” Crush Story in New Single “Juliette”

19-year-old alt-pop singer, songwriter, and producer Slush Puppy has returned with his own take on the  “classic high school story of an outcast boy wanting the coolest girl, but only being in love with a glamorized version of her…” A mostly overused trope,  his new single “Juliette” is an exception.   

Co-written and co-produced with Tom Randolph (YUNGBLD, Kiiara, Carlie Hanson,) “Juliette” has the classic elements of pop-punk with the to-the-point storytelling combined with gentle vocals that precede the angst-ridden chorus.

“Juliette” strays away from the surf-rock soul-pop sound of the singles Slush Puppy released in 2019 and 2020 and dips into the sounds of what is shaping up to be a pop-punk revival thanks to TikTok.

The lead single off of his EP due out later this year, it will be interesting to see if “Juliette” is an outlier, or if the rising artist’s sound is taking a turn entirely.

Listen here!

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