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Sigrid and Griff Team Up for “Head on Fire”

We’re losing our minds over…Sigrid and Griff’s new single “Head on Fire.”

The duo first began their friendship over a pizza at Fashion week. “Griff and I met sharing a pizza at the Rueben Selby show at Fashion Week in London, haha. We went to the studio a while later and just had a day of talking about life,” Sigrid reminisced. 

Those chats ended up turning into the HAIM-esque, empowering track “about that feeling when you meet someone who just flips everything upside down and you can’t focus on anything else but that person,” Sigrid says.

The track’s lyrics, harmonies, and crashing hook are infectious and are sure to be stuck in your head.

The song’s video, directed by CC Wade, brings the two together again to celebrate that inescapable feeling in an empty theater.

“Head on Fire” teases what fans will hear on Sigird’s sophomore album coming later this year, and on Griff’s tour that kicks off in New York on January 24. Tickets here!

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