Serious Klein Drops Single, “Down” and Visual

Featured Photo Credit: Gianna Chiarello

Serious Klein, the Ghanian rapper and budding fashion icon, is readying to release a new EP, Ludos, next monthTo cleanse your palate and keep you hungry for more, Klein has released the simplistic beauty that is “Down.” His silky smooth vocals and sizzling vibe, invigorate the listener’s senses and soothes the soul. 

The video for “Down” just released this past week, provides a transcendental visual to his original single. The videos centers around the singer and his on-screen love interest who exist beautifully in one another’s secluded space. Adding to the magic of the rhymes, the couple is often encapsulated by butterflies creating an ethereal, other-worldly experience. 

Though this may be the first time you’ve heard of Klein, it is sure to not be your last. Emerging from the German hip-hop scene, his sound, which he describes as ‘art rap,’ is an eclectic mix up of jazz, rap, hip hop, trap, and soul. In 2016, Klein performed at Grammy award winner Alicia Key’s underground in Berlin and was recognized by the acclaimed singer herself as “one of the hottest urban newcomers in Germany.” 

Watch the music video for “Down” here . Like what you heard?  Listen to more Serious Klein HERE