Sara Kays Releases Debut EP “Camera Shy”

Rising pop singer-songwriter Sara Kays has released her debut EP, Camera Shy, available now at all DSPs and streaming services. Camera Shy follows the breakthrough success of Sara’s emotionally vulnerable streaming favorites, “No Matter The Season,” “Smaller Than This” and “Chosen Last.” Highlighted by the confessional new single, “I’m Okay Though,” Sara’s debut EP also features new songs, “High School” and “Smaller Than This.”

“I’m literally camera shy. In a group photo, I’ll be standing off to the side. It’s the overarching theme of the EP. Most of my songs are about how it’s okay to be struggling, because I haven’t really gotten out of it—but it does get better. We’re all in this struggle together, and it’s all good,” Kays says in a press release

Kays received her first guitar as a gift at just 12. The Nashville based artist would often busk for two to three hours at local restaurants multiple times per week while in high school. She met producer Steven Martinez which she then took a trip to Nashville to record with him. Kays dropped her song “Ruch Boy” in 2018 and started to slowly but surely build an audience over the last two years.

After attracting nearly 850K TikTok followers and racking up over 12M worldwide streams in just a year, Sara’s 7-track collection showcases her uniquely comforting, cathartic, and catchy brand of alternative pop. With Camera Shy, the 21-year-old artist turns her internal struggles with isolation, body image, and a fractured family into bravely candid acoustic songcraft that captures her personal fears while simultaneously offering listeners relief through her relatable storytelling. 

Take a listen to her song, “No Matter The Season” now.

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