Sam Smith Releases New Album “Love Goes”

Do you ever feel like you’re putting out too much love and never getting enough back? Sam Smith’s new album Love Goes sums that feeling up in 13 songs.

The whole album is about giving too much in a world that never has the heart to give back in return. Smith wanted to call it To Die For, but changed the title because it was a little insensitive during the pandemic. It’s a battlefield of lost loves, broken hearts, affairs that didn’t end well, memories that linger, wounds that never heal. “I don’t know why I get so serious,” they sing, almost having fun with their own wallowing persona.

Smith dances through the lads with a diverse set of songs created with A-listers such as Max Martin, Shellback, Amy Allen and Ryan Tedder. “So Serious,” is one of the more charming songs with a melody that reminds you of Shaggy’s Y2K era reggae pop it “It Wasn’t Me.” Smith breathily gliding through rivers of tears and sensitive synth as they recall a lost summer in the city with a long gone lover. They turn quickly into a big dance party with the song “Dance (Til You Love Someone Else),” and deliver a lovely somber gospel tinged soul on “Breaking Hearts.” As always Smiths voice is lustrous and versatile, going from their low powerful voice to their breathy, pretty higher notes.

Listen to Smith’s new album Love Goes out now!