Sam DeRosa Shares Final Single, “Unfinished” Off of Debut EP

Featured Photo Credit: Naserin Bogado

Sam Derosa first caught audience’s attention with her song, “Pill For This,” which was featured on the first season of NBC’s Songland. Since then, the New York raised singer/songwriter has gone on to release original music, including her highly anticipated debut EP ‘The Medicine,’ and pen tracks for lovelytheband and Dixie D’Amelio.

Her debut EP features six tracks that chronicle the process of self-love and acceptance, including “321,” “Sad Faces,”  and the title track, “The Medicine.”  Each single has been accompanied by a visual filmed DIY style by Naserin Bogado. “I really wanted it to feel like every visual for each song is me, getting way too much time alone, to rethink myself and my emotions as I dance through The Medicine as a whole,” DeRosa shared of the creation process.

Her latest and final release off the EP is “Unfinished” and its companion visual. The apropos catchy dance track finds healing in the realization that a relationship is over. “Some stories don’t get an ending and some people never get a proper goodbye. I knew that I wanted to touch on this idea that maybe this is what it is. Maybe we are just meant to be open-ended and there’s no ending, and there’s no reason for that?” DeRosa said of the inspiration. 

DeRosa hopes that “Unfinished” and the rest of her EP feels, “like I’m walking myself through my own love rehab. From track one until the final track, I really wanted it to feel like each song is a full day of healing,” DeRosa continued, “my responsibility as an artist and songwriter is to speak my truth as best I can with the hopes that it will help someone else who’s hurting.” 

Check out the visual here.