REVIEW: The 1975 Make Long Awaited Return with “Part Of The Band”

 Following an extremely long 4 year hiatus, The 1975 is officially back on the board with their new single “Part Of The Band,”  and tag-along music video.  This release is not only the band’s long awaited return to the music scene, but it also primes listeners for their new album Being Funny In A Foreign Language dropping October 14.

A set of plunky, syncopated strings open the song as lead singer Matty Healy’s voice picks up its signature gracefulness. The band’s ability to write a catchy track isn’t lost on the song and it pricks up listeners’ ears immediately with the lovely rhythm alone. 

Not only are the verses extremely intriguing and catchy, the sound of the track feels like a breath of fresh air for anyone who has kept up with The 1975 since their 2013 debut album. The acoustic instrumentals feel intimate, like the band is peeling back another layer to their story. 

As it continues forward, unfortunately, the beautiful momentum built up throughout the pulsing verse and pre-chorus dissipates into an underwhelming, wispy chorus that sounds like a different song altogether. The chorus replaces the fun string rhythm of the verse with a slowed guitar track and mournful melotron-esque sound. Healy’s vocals are brought to a higher register and become, while beautiful, slightly whiny.

While the chorus doesn’t exactly fit the verse it still shows musical development and more depth to the band’s growing discography.

The band’s new album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language can be pre-saved here