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REVIEW: Surfaces Releases New Single “What’s Been On Your Mind?”

On June 10, Surfaces released their newest single, “What’s Been On Your Mind?”. Following success with their 2021 album Pacifico, the band has returned with a lighthearted pop track in their signature summery feel. 

Blending smooth, consistent vocals with a relaxed tempo, the track is a perfect feel-good song. Higher piano and guitar lines provide the single with a lighthearted, airy feel. The choruses incorporate a catchy background melody, making each refrain a burst of fuller sound. 

Despite its upbeat feel, “What’s Been On Your Mind?” holds a more sentimental message of support through hardship. Surfaces asks the listener not to hide their true feelings, singing, “I hear you talking, but the words don’t feel like yours, tell me what’s been on your mind?” Surfaces explained the vulnerability behind the single, saying, “If you truly know and love someone, you’ll always be able to see through that face, that front, that safety net of words… and break down the walls that will lead to a healthier escape.”

Surfaces will be joining LANY on their 34-city “Summer Forever Tour,” starting this August.

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