REVIEW: Stela Cole Releases Self-Worth Anthem “Rhapsody in Pink”

Featured Photo Credit: Munachi 

On July 29, pop singer/songwriter Stela Cole released her latest single, “Rhapsody in Pink”. Inspired by George Gershwin’s composition, “Rhapsody in Blue,” Cole gives the track an unapologetically confident pop feel. The single follows success with Cole’s 2020 EP, “Woman of the Hour,” and 2021 single, “I Shot Cupid”. 

Regarding “Rhapsody in Pink”, Stela Cole described, “I wrote the song about knowing your worth, especially as a woman, and I love how it’s fun and playful but also sends the message that I won’t be f*cked around with.”

The song opens with a bold, trumpet-driven orchestral sound, but quickly shifts to a clap and bass beat with bursts of piano and horns. The track’s conclusion heavily features slowed bass and drums as Cole overlays smooth harmonies in a breakdown section before bringing the tempo back for a rousing finish. Cole may have written “Rhapsody in Pink” post-breakup, but her confidence oozes as sings of wanting nothing less than the best for herself. 

In addition to the track, Cole released a Gatsby-inspired visualizer for the song. Cole surrounds herself with opulence, standing among champagne towers, pink roses, and golden candelabras. She flaunts a pink glittery and feathery outfit as she sings, and rose petals in varying shades of pink are released overhead. The video flawlessly pairs with the song’s lavish lyrics, empowering rhythm, and call for authenticity and self-worth, making it an anthem fit for the “hot girl walk” playlist.

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