REVIEW: Sky Katz Shares New Single “Why Did You Call?” and Self-Directed Video

Featured Photo Credit: Rebecca Lader

Sky Katz released a brand new video for her recent single “Why Did You Call?” which is written and directed by Katz herself. The 17 year old artist’s multifaceted talents are put on full display in the short film. 

The film tells the story of a young queer couple entranced by the warm glow of a fresh relationship. Beautifully portrayed summer motifs, picnics in the park, cuddles on the beach and chats in a dewy meadow, are speckled throughout the video and set the sweet tone of the film’s beginning. 

The song is interrupted by a conversation between the characters where commitment is brought into question and the two find they are on very different pages. This brings the lead to reflect on her memories of the relationship to find it wasn’t all hazy sunsets and carefree laughs.  

After a month of torturous space, the characters find themselves falling back into each other’s arms. The piece is a reminder of how easy it can be to fall back into the rhythm of another person’s embrace only to be led down the same painful path.

Complex and lovely at the same time, the video is an impressive foray into the world of direction for young artist Katz.

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