REVIEW: KSI Shows His Strength with New Single  “Not Over Yet”

On August 5, BRIT nominated artist and boxer KSI entered a new era of music with “Not Over Yet.” The punchy track is KSI’s first release since 2021’s “All Over The Place” and features pop singer/songwriter Tom Grennan. 

“Not Over Yet” is a testament to growth, strength, and resilience. KSI mentioned that the song, “amplifies my ‘never give up’ attitude, whether it’s to do with love or being back in the ring.” Through hard hitting drums and bass, rippling synth, and poppy guitar, KSI blends lyrical vulnerability with determination and grit in the track. KSI’s deeper voice contrasts nicely with Grennan’s raspier tone in his feature verse as the pair express the challenges of a relationship, singing, “Why do I always tell myself that it’s not over yet?” 

In addition to the track, KSI released a powerful music video for “Not Over Yet.” The video pays homage to Rocky with an extensive training montage, showing KSI running through the rain and practicing his punches in a water tank. The culmination of the piece finds KSI entering the boxing ring to defeat his toughest enemy- the old version of himself. The video and song are punchy and gripping, and exemplify the message of never giving up the fight. 

KSI will be making his return to boxing on August 27 with a headline fight at The O2 against rival Alex Wassabi. Tickets are available now. 

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