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REVIEW: Justice Carradine Speaks of Mental Health in New Single “Tears In My Eyes”

On July 22, Justice Carradine released his new single “Tears In My Eyes.” The recording artist has seen success with singles like “Okay,” which also represents mental health. Carradine’s writing regarding mental health issues is wholly relatable and comforting to the younger generation, and “Tears In My Eyes” is no exception. 

The song is introduced with a simple background melody, but the first verse is jam-packed with a quick flow of lyrics, giving the impression of the anxious thoughts rushing through Carradine’s head. Low electric guitar kicks in under the cathartic, flowing chorus vocals to provide a driving power under the track’s moderate groove. The single’s musical depth is heightened by climbing riffs and hazy background vocals, creating a full blend of sound. 

In addition to the track, Carradine shared an artistic visualizer with his audience. The video features a blend of footage, showing Carradine driving his car, skateboarding down an empty road, and standing in a peaceful lake in Utah’s mountain landscape. When Carradine begins to speak about his panic attack, the footage of him driving fades and blurs, reflecting the intensity of the experience. 

“Tears In My Eyes” is a testament to mental health awareness. The track itself describes Carradine’s first panic attack while he was driving on the freeway to Los Angeles. He relates his experience during the song’s outro, which features overlapping dialogue laid over rolling piano as he says, “Now I feel like it’s important to care, and it’s important to reciprocate that caringness to the people who care about you.” The song’s message of awareness, relatability, and support is summed up best by Carradine himself: “I think the human spirit is resilient. We always find a way to push through challenging or intense experiences.” 

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