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REVIEW: Jessie Ware Releases Summer Anthem “Free Yourself”

Featured Photo Credit: Jack Grange

On July 19, Jessie Ware urged her listeners to release their inhibitions in new single “Free Yourself”. This new era follows Ware’s success with her 2020 album “What’s Your Pleasure?,” which she brought on tour this summer. 

“Free Yourself” is a disco, dance-pop heaven. Blaring horns and jazzy piano are kicked into high gear with an energetic drum line and electronic sound. The single is upbeat, dynamic, and spirited. Ware encourages the listener to live with reckless joy, singing,  “Don’t stand there waiting all of your life for the night to come and find you”. The song itself is a sign to seek out the kind of uninhibited fun the track encapsulates in its sound. 

This anthemic track is a testament to positivity and feel-good freedom. When asked about the single, Ware mentioned that she is, “so excited for people to have this song for the end of their summer; to dance, to feel no inhibitions, and to feel joyful”. Ware succeeded with this goal; for a disco track as enthusiastic as “Free Yourself”, joy is the only option. 

Jessie Ware will be supporting Harry Styles on tour in Chicago this October.