REVIEW: Jack White Releases “If I Die Tomorrow”

Featured Photo Credit: Paige Sara

“If I Die Tomorrow,” the third single released ahead of Jack White’s upcoming album, Entering Heaven Alive, was released on June 8. After a so far busy year with the release of his fifth solo studio album Fear Of The Dawn and a subsequent North America tour, Jack White fans are primed and ready for the newest addition to the prolific artist’s discography. 

The track opens up with a rich acoustic guitar track that sets the steady, plodding pace and is accented by a mellotron-esque keyboard tune. Tinged with a funeral dirge hue, the track trudges along as White’s gentle, powerful vocals take charge.

The song is made even more somber by the haunting lyrics. “If I die tomorrow will you let me know I left in peace?” White croons, settling into the final verse after a dizzying bridge tinted with a taste of the guitar-play so heavily featured on his last record Fear Of The Dawn

The music video stars a washed out White dragging, assumingly his, casket across fields and through forests, passing by odd characters as he makes his final journey. The entirety of the video is washed out, giving a hollow feel to the landscape and characters themselves, reducing eyes to black pits among gleaming featureless skin. 

The video most certainly drives home the creepy elements of the song and leaves the viewer with an image of White resting in his own grave. White has hand-tailored an eerie atmosphere that is hollow yet wonderfully rich with beauty and emotional depth, putting his dynamic musicianship and world building on full display.

Entering Heaven Alive is set to be released July 22 and White’s Supply Chain Issues Tour continues on through the summer. You can presave the new album here and find dates and tickets for the remainder of his tour here