REVIEW: Griff Clawson’s New Single “Haircut”

Based in Los Angeles, Griff Clawson released his newest single “Haircut” after reflecting on the process of letting go of past experiences. The track showcases Clawson’s raw expression through his work as a writer, musician and producer. 

Immediately the single grips the listener with an entrancing acoustic guitar hook, rhythmic and methodical. The drum and vocal tracks kick in and the listener is launched into a delightful journey equipped with dreamy instrumentals and a beautifully woven story. The acoustic guitar continues for the remainder of the song while flowy bass and heavier drum tracks are added in at the chorus. 

The electronic sound of the high hats in the chorus drum track add to the ethereal atmosphere of the piece. The swaying chorus feels like there should be colored lights filling your eyes while you dance around your room. 

Lyrically, the single epitomizes bitter, freeing, breakups wracked with salty cheeks and multitudes of emotions. It also captures the mixed feelings associated with cutting your hair for the first time in a long time. 

Short and sweet, the track truly captures and holds listeners in an enchanting dreamstate. While the instrumentals are relatively stripped down and simple, the track still piques the attention of anyone looking for a new song to be totally enamored with.