REVIEW: FINNEAS Releases New Single “Naked” and Video

FINNEAS recently released a new single titled “Naked” along with a music video that premiered March 25. The single marks FINNEAS’ first release since his second studio album Optimist in the fall of 2021. 

Heavy bass influences the deep groove and catchy rhythm of this track while syncopated vocals keep the listener on their toes. While a little repetitive, the single shows the LA native’s smooth style with a laidback feel enveloping it. 

The video is slightly trippy with brightly colored lights filling an expansive white set and subtle effects morphing FINNEAS’ body as he dances to the track. 

The track captures what it feels like when someone who seemingly knew you better than anyone starts to become a stranger. The line, “I can’t believe you’ve seen me naked,” is repeated throughout the song and illustrates feeling like you’ve exposed who you are to someone who is now a part of your past.  

FINNEAS finished his solo North America tour in the fall of 2021 and is currently on tour accompanying his sister Billie Eilish.

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