REVIEW: EMELINE Inspires Confidence in New Single “STRUT”

Featured Photo Credit: Brian Ziff

On August 19, rising pop artist EMELINE released her anthemic single, “STRUT.” The track follows the singer’s early-2022 release “cinderella’s dead,” which quickly became a viral hit, now approaching 100 million streams worldwide.

“STRUT” continues the theme of confidence and self-celebration EMELINE established in “cinderella’s dead” while introducing a playful flair. Hard-hitting, heavy bass alternates with high-pitched, poppy synth in each chorus, offsetting the subtlety of EMELINE’s breathing in the background. Blaring brass gives the track a sense of glitz and glamour, with a daring Gatsby feel. The bold sound with which EMELINE experiments pairs with the unapologetic sexual freedom the song condones, told through the clever hook, “I don’t do the walk of shame, I strut.”

In addition to the sexy track, EMELINE created a music video for “STRUT” that furthers the song’s sense of acceptance and autonomy. The visual features EMELINE making out in a car and a telephone booth, both baby pink. True to the song’s title, she struts down the street in a variety of stylish and seductive outfits, ignoring any judgement from bystanders. By the video’s conclusion, EMELINE has encouraged the onlookers to join her, freely dancing in a celebration of the independence and empowerment that “STRUT” inspires. 

EMELINE will be playing shows in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles this October. Tickets are available now. 

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