REVIEW: Camila Cabello Releases New Album ‘Familia’

Camila Cabello is back with a brand new full length album Familia. The artist has been busy promoting the album with a premiere of the music video for the song “psychofreak” on MTV Live, a performance of “Bam Bam” on The Late Late Show with James Cordon, and a stop at Saturday Night Live April 9. 

The track “Bam Bam,” featuring Ed Sheeran, was released ahead of the album and has since collected over 100 million total streams. Equipped with a salsa inspired beat and breakup anthem worthy lyrics, the track leads listeners through some of the artist’s struggle with heartbreak. 

The artist also collaborated with WILLOW for the track “psychofreak” which arrived with a trippy music video to boot. The two artists climb around a seemingly gravity-defying room while belting “feeling like a psychofreak sometimes.” The song itself is catchy and veers from the style of  “Bam Bam” in an electronic-pop direction.

Moving through the album brings the listener to “Don’t Go Yet,” another latin-inspired dancey track. Snappy acoustic guitar and a deep bass track groove with the catchy rhythm while the three-time Grammy-nominated singer puts her vocal power on full display.  

As a whole, the album is an emotionally stripped-down piece and shows Cabello’s growth and development as an artist. She opens up, breaking it into intimate moments of vulnerability and shares those with her listeners. 

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