PODCAST: Adam Melchor Talks “Turnham Green” and Announces Debut Album

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Emerging artist Adam Melchor is introducing fans to a new era of music with his single, “Turnham Green.” 

Adam first captivated fans with his track “Real Estate,” which introduced listeners to his alt/indie sound and ability to musically translate feelings in unexpected ways. 

His latest single begins his exploration into a new layered landscape that feels both intimate and collective.

We chatted with Adam about “Turnham Green,” the music video, and what fans can expect from his debut album, Here Goes Nothing! dropping October 21.

Excerpt from the podcast:

You just released your new single “Turnham Green.” How did the song come about and working with Emily Warren? 

I was going through a harder time in January. It  just so happened that she also wanted to write. So I was like, why don’t I just come over and we’ll just figure something out. We talked for like seven hours about all this stuff… Emily and I thought we were going to write that day so I was ready to go with something. And then she was, we were just talking and talking and at the end of it, she was like, ‘Adam, I think I know what we should write about. I have some lines that you said’ – she’s just doing this in her head, but she’s like, ‘but we don’t have to write about it. We can just simply just talk about it. I was like, ‘no, I think I’m okay to write about it.’ She gave me three choices and I was like, ‘okay, I like this one the best.’ And she was like, ‘you should come over tomorrow and we should write it.’

What can people expect from your debut album?  

The thing to expect the most, I think, would be that the biology is the same. It’s just like a guy with the guitar or a guy with the piano, but then there are so many different elements that Henry, my producer, has built in. We’ve made these choices that might take it in a weirder landscape. I think our goal, our thesis almost, for the album was to make songs that sounded intimate, and sound like they’re being played by one person. But then when you listen to it on headphones or in the car on actual speakers – there’s so much more going on, just tucked in. It’s just sort of to elicit a feeling really. I’m so excited for it. I really think it’s the best thing that I could have done. I haven’t really felt this great about music possibly ever in my life. I feel really lucky.

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