Payton Moormeier Releases New Single “3AM”

Which will be one of the songs of the summer, payton’s new single, 3AM, is a guitar filled emotional song. The rhythmic beat and guitar will get you hooked into listening to it non-stop instantly.

Inspired by a 3am call, the track is the next single from payton’s growing collection where the singer has taken real life events and challenging situations that have transcended through his music. Creating songs that allows listeners to feel different emotions is what payton loves the most about being an artist and with each release, he offers his truth and inner-most thoughts through the best way he knows how: music. This summer, payton is scheduled to be performing on the Boys of Summer Tour alongside an eclectic lineup of talent of the next generation of stars. The 24-date outing, beginning July 10th in Los Angeles, will hit cities across the country including New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans and Atlanta. 

Stream the new song “3AM” now!