New Artist Spotlight | Part 5

Featured Photo Credit: Karolina Turek

Check out these emotional, dance-worthy, and nostalgic tracks from some of our favorite new artists!

Peter Wise

Following his 2020 self-produced EP, ‘Too Blind To Hear,’ New York singer/songwriter Peter Wise returns with his “anti-pop” song, “Window Dressing.” 

Driven by critiques of his work and advice to go more pop, Wise wrote the “antithesis of the modern pop song” rich with bass, layered vocals, and multiple chord changes. The unique melody and the metaphorical lyrics empower listeners to break the mold. 

More music and a possible tour are in the works. 

Hanne Mjøen

Norwegian alt/pop artist Hanne Mjøen has released the lead single, “Hell With You” off her upcoming EP ‘Emotional Fever.’ 

The five track EP navigates the journey into adulthood through synthy, dance tracks that juxtapose the excitement of the melody with the heartwrenching realizations. 

“Hell With You” focuses on the desire, “to leave knowing this isn’t “it” for you, but you’re scared of being alone, and not ready to give it up,” Mjøen explained. 

The Trusted

Since their secondary school years,  indie rock band The Trusted has been inspired by 21st century Brit-Rock and post-punk. Their new single “Rebel Song” fuses the two genres together, while celebrating the act of defiance. Written during lockdown, the single comes to terms with the internal and external struggles of this time and is motivated by the current social justice movements and seeing people coming together for good.


Dawson Fuss

New artist Dawson Fuss has released his debut track, “Hey You.” Fuss opens up on the indie-pop single about a recent break-up with raw vulnerability. 

On the single, Fuss said, “I wrote this song following my first serious relationship that unfortunately ended because of emotional and physical distance caused by the isolation of COVID-19.”

Michaela Slinger

Michael Slinger has released her new album ‘Panorama,’ which she describes as, “a package of twenty-four years’ worth of my heart, soul, and ideas.”

Her lead single “Masquerade, ” a collaboration with two-time Polaris Prize listed Louise Burns (Haley Blais) and JUNO-Award winning Kevvy (Carly Rae Jepsen, Fake Shark), captures the realization that your parents are humans with flaws too. 

“I had a particular experience when I was about twelve that stands out for me—it was a conversation about the “real world” that instantly made me feel older and realize that adults actually didn’t have it all together,” Slinger shared of her inspiration. 

The release is paired with an energetic video set at a go-kart track. 


Since 2018, Bedroom pop singer-songwriter Jayde has been releasing singles that  expose the raw emotions and struggles that come with relationships. 

This honesty is evident on her debut EP ‘sad songs about sad things.’  “These songs are all just fragments of the same situation. I was going through a really interesting period of my life and so these songs kind of follow the highs and the lows of that chapter and everything I experienced,” Jayde shared. 

The 5 tracks embrace the heartache, while providing the important reminder that those feelings and emotions are only temporary.  


“I Can’t Believe It” is the latest single from Toronto artist/producer/DJ Pusher. The synthy techno-pop track is, “about not being able to afford a house, and feeling behind where I thought I’d be in life,” Pusher says. 

The release is paired with 80s infomercial inspired video featuring an epic keyboard solo from Danae Greenfield.

Kelly McMichael 

Singer/songwriter Kelly McMichael looks for the delicate balance of pursuing success and enjoying the ride in her new single “Stepping Stone.” 

McMichael and her collaborator, Jake Nicoll blend 60s and 70s classic rock influences, R&B, and strings to create a powerful track. 

“Stepping Stone” is the third single from McMichael’s forthcoming debut album due out May 20, 2021. 

The Let Go

Following singles “WOMAN” “idontknowwhy” and “City of Angels,” Liverpool based indie-pop group The Let Go have released their fourth single of 2021, “Marie.” 

The 80s inspired dance track is “about getting cheated on, and having to deal with the heartache,” the duo shared. 

The 80s influence is also seen in the visual for the track that features The Let Go as guests on a fictional news show “Breakfast In Breakville with Chris P. Burger.” 

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