New Artist Spotlight | Part 3

Featured Photo Credit: Stella Kudritzki

In this week’s New Artist Spotlight, we introduce you to six artists that tackle frustration, hardship, and loss.

Sophia Fracassi 

“Wish I Never Met You,” the new single from Sophia Fracassi is an anthem for the heartbroken. Fracassi’s emotive, soaring vocals capture the struggle of being unable to forget someone who you loved, but who also hurt you.  

Fracassi hopes that, “this song allows you to process those emotions in whatever way you need to. Belt it at the top of your lungs in your car in traffic, listen in the rain, cry out in the shower, or with an empty ice cream tub in hand. Make it a part of your own story.”

Keep an eye out for the soon to be released video. 


Writer, producer, and artist, Luke Potter is known for popular tracks including “Something More – Andrelli Remix.” Now Potter is launching a new project under the name Heckyl.

Beginning with his first single, “Preacher,” a song about living in the moment, Potter tackles inner demons including anxiety, love and creativity.

More music is on the way. 

Juliana Eye

Ever been ghosted? New artist, Juliana Eye has captured the anger and frustration of the virtual dating faux pas in her new single “U SUCK.” The track produced by Tal Vaisman is a blend of of early 00s, alternative, dance-punk and pop that marks Eye’s debut solo release. 


San Franciscan singer/songwriter ZOLA has returned with the pulsing, psychedelic new single, “Nosebleed.”

Born out of loneliness, the track delivers an emotional message wrapped in an upbeat, indie-pop melody. 

“To put it simply, “Nosebleed” was written when I needed the hug and support I didn’t feel like I was getting. I was traveling to Los Angeles every month for week-long stays from San Francisco and working with my first label and with all these added members to my musical journey, I had never felt so alone. In parallel, California was experiencing its most devastating natural fires today and I felt like my home was now literally burning to the ground,” ZOLA explained. 

Fans can look forward to her sophomore EP later this year. 


You may have heard of indie alt band Brother. from their inclusion in soundtracks for popular shows like Teen Mom 2 and Nancy Drew. Now, the Utah based band are introducing a new laid-back authenticity. Their latest single “EZ” was written in lockdown and is a reminder to live in the moment and not worry about the outcome. 

Jeff Beadle

In Jeff Beadle’s new single “Shadow,” he draws the comparison between the silhouette and unshakable anxiety.

The dark alternative pop single produced by Giordan Posterino delves into Beadle’s own personal struggles. “There can be a level of desperation in seeking to solve your anxiety, along with a need to intimately understand it and a profound willingness to let it go,” Beadle explained, “Yet there is a bit of celebration in admitting our struggles.”

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