Murder Mystery 2 Journeys To Paris

After the success of the first installment in 2019, the iconic Murder Mystery duo, Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler are back for a fun adventurous date. Becoming “successful” investigators after their first crack at a murder mystery in the first film, the pair are invited to an extravagant wedding in the second film, which of course ends up with a murder. Their rich friends, bring in the M16 to help out with the investigation, which ends up with everyone having to go to Paris. It’s a fun, comedic action-packed movie but the plot does get confusing if you look away for more than one minute.

The duo of Anniston and Sandler comes effortlessly on screen, which makes the movie that much more exciting to watch. It’s for sure no Glass Onion, but with it’s fun easy to watch time of 90 minutes, it is a great movie to fill in while other binge worthy shows on Netflix are yet to return.

You can watch Murder Mystery 2 on Netflix now!

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