Madeleine Mayi Shares Emotional New Track “ITRL”

Santa Barbara’s indie pop singer/songwriter, Madeleine Mayi recently released her new single, “ITRL” (In The Right Light.)

Bathed in warm synths, Mayi’s gripping ethereal voice dispenses lyrical spouts of grief and denial, felt after losing someone to an untimely death. 

“There is no right or wrong way to deal with such calamity,” says Mayi.

In The Right Light “ITRL” is about seeing the world from this frozen state, right after something traumatic happens. When you can’t really tell when things are good or bad, or you’re hurting. It’s just that limbo time, where things feel confusing.”

This intimate track precedes Mayi’s introspective debut full-length project, due out Valentine’s Day 2021.