M.Byrd Releases Debut Music Video for Single “Mountain”

Featured Photo Credit: Niklas Zeiner

M.Byrd has just released his debut music video,”Mountain.”

The transportive track is constructed with a driving guitar, laid-back drums, floating choral backdrops, and Byrd’s indie neo-psych-folk sound.

“Mountain” was inspired during a visit to Denmark’s highest natural point in the Danish landscape, Himmelsbjerget. “I thought it was quite a name for a mountain that is only 147m high, but when you climb on top of it, it feels so high, you can almost see the ocean. So ‘Mountain’ became this idea of a song that puts things into perspective – if even the seemingly smallest hill can be a mountain, what good things are actually surrounding me right now?”

Set within the gorgeous Atlantic beaches of Normandy, France, “Mountain’s” video features Danish dancer and choreographer Nana Anine.  Anine’s powerful interpretive dance evokes feminine strength, sensitivity, personal growth, and empowerment.

With just one single release, this 25 year-old artist has amassed nearly half a million Spotify streams.

Check out the song and the video!

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