Lewis Knaggs Shares Highly Anticipated Debut EP “Dreaming When You’re Gone”

Following his emotional new single “Shoulder to Shoulder,” Lewis Knaggs has released his highly anticipated debut EP “Dreaming When You’re Gone.” 

The 5 track EP features soul-stirring tracks including “Hold On” and “Runaway” that chronicle the ups and downs of life. 

Explaining the meaning behind the EP, Lewis shared: “I love it when an EP or album just flows nicely and you hear what song is coming next once you’ve listened to it a couple of times. I’m hoping it feels like that for people. Collectively they cover the range of sounds I want to explore with the music I make, it’s got a bit of everything in there other than synths. Lyrically they’ve all been written at a time when making music has really helped to navigate through life. The ups and downs of losing friends, family and love. I’ve put it all in there.”

There is more to come from Knaggs later this year. Hopefully, that includes more stunning visuals from indie/rock singer-songwriter and cinematographer. 

Interested in hearing more from Lewis Knaggs? Check out our podcast with him.

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