Kim Petras Releases New Summer Bop, “Malibu”

Summer has come early with Kim Petras’s latest single, “Malibu.” The 80s inspired dance track marks a new era for Petras and gives fans a “taste” of her upcoming album. 

“‘Malibu’ is a return to color, the feeling of being in love, and the escapism pop that I love the most. After Clarity, I had cried all my tears and moved on, so this is a reflection of how I’ve been feeling. I just want “Malibu” to be a fizzy, refreshing drink that comes to you during this quarantine and makes you forget all your anxieties. I hope this can be a little vitamin shot that brightens your day,” Petras recently expressed.

The song’s release was accompanied by an animated infomercial advertising Malibu, a fictional Moon Tanning Oil. The video showcases Petras’s adherence to detail with the features of the fake product, a “Falling Deep into Curacao Blue” book highlighting the lyrics, and a phone number that fans can text or call. 

You can get a “taste of Malibu” here

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