Khea, Julia Michaels, and Becky G Release Bilingual Summer Track “Only One”

Argentine trap artist Khea, Mexican-American pop artist Becky G, and California-raised Grammy nominated artist Julia Michael have teamed up on a bilingual summer single, “Only One” featuring Di Genius. 

The pop song, with hints of reggae and trap, is a laid back track that questions a lover’s loyalty. Julia begins the song in english, while Khea shares the story in spanish. The all star trio is brought together with Becky G who has made a name for herself in both the english and spanish music scenes. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Michaels shared how writing this song with Becky G and Khea has been an opportunity to appreciate her Latin roots,  “My bloodline is predominantly Spanish, which a lot of people don’t know, so it’s exciting that people are going to discover that about me,” she shared.

In the interview, Becky G also shared the unifying effect of music. “[Working in both markets] made me more sure of who I am. It’s more important to just be ourselves and live in our truth and be authentic. That’s a beautiful thing about where we are in music right now. It’s a universal language.”

The trio took a unique approach when it came to the visuals for the song. Director, NAVS and Compostela Films & Arts helped them capture three different perspectives of a futuristic prison escape. Di Genius even makes a cameo. 

Julia’s point-of-view is now available exclusively on her Facebook Page here. Fans will see Becky G’s perspective on July 22nd and KHEA’s on July 29th.