Justin Bieber Releases Deluxe Version of New Album “Justice”

Justin Bieber recently released his sixth studio album, Justice, on March 19th. 

The project’s singles, including “Hold On” and “Anyone,” previewed Bieber’s new sound; specifically, “Holy” featuring Chance the Rapper kicked off the Justice era back in October of last year. This album features 16 tracks, some of which the “Lonely” singer has teased snippets of on social media in the past. 

Justice includes segments of Martin Luther King offering some of his wisdom and speaking about injustice in America. However, despite the album title and these powerful snippets, Bieber’s sixth studio album features his typical catchy bops and passionate love songs that captivate his truly candid feelings for his wife Hailey. 

The album kicks off with “2 Much” and smoothly transitions to an absolute standout track: “Deserve You.” The lyrics of “Deserve You” vulnerably portray Bieber’s gratitude for the relationship he has with his wife and just how much he appreciates her caring nature. Listeners are then able to sympathize with the singer-songwriter through fan-favorite “As I Am” which features Khalid. This track explains that despite his past, Bieber vows to do the best he can as long as his partner will accept him and all of his flaws. 

Other collaborations and features on this project include The Kid LAROI, Daniel Caesar and Dominic Fike. There are a variety of genres presented and experimented with throughout the duration of Justice. The production behind each track continues to follow the impressive track record of Bieber’s studio team. There are songs that will make you want to dance and some that may make you tear up. It’s all in classic Bieber fashion. 

The “Off My Face” singer reaches a large audience with this project. The themes and repetitive messages presented on Justice include falling in love, losing yourself and experiencing an intense feeling of gratitude for your loved ones. Bieber gives listeners a sense of hope and clarity from one song to another until the album concludes. 

If one thing is certain, Justice is one of Bieber’s strongest albums to date. Hailey seems to be the muse of this project and his love for her is captured beautifully through its lyrics. This is a pivotal era for Justin Bieber and his dedicated Beliebers as well. Justice has already broken countless records and continues to reach an exponential level of popularity. Plus, now we know where Bieber gets his peaches.

Listen to the Deluxe version now

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