Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper Releases Highly Anticipated Song “Holy”

Justin Bieber returns with new music through the release of his brand new single “Holy” featuring Chance The Rapper. This, of course, marks the start to a brand new era for both Bieber and Beliebers around the globe.

“Holy” is Bieber’s first new lead track since the release of his album Changes which was shared with fans in February of this year. 

The new collaboration is also accompanied by a 5-minute music video starring Ryan Destiny and Wilmer Valderrama. Through both its lyrics and official video, “Holy” features themes of love, hope and faith. These messages are captured through the perspective of both Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper. 

The duo have worked together several times in the past for singles such as “No Brainer,” “I’m The One” and “Confident.” 

Bieber and Chance The Rapper may have reunited once again, but this time the content of their collaboration is a bit different than their previous work together. Faith and religion are very important to both artists and “Holy” allows them to touch on that subject for the first time together. 

This brand new single reveals a new sound and clearly marks the start of a new iconic era for Justin Bieber. In fact, Scooter Braun told Beliebers via Twitter that there is “so much more to come you have no idea.” 

Bieber also told fans: “This album is really some of the best music I’ve ever made.” 

If one thing is certain, new music from the “Holy” singer is on the way. 

Fans are currently anticipating more singles and possibly an album before the end of this year. Currently, Justin Bieber is the most popular male artist with the most #1 singles on iTunes in U.S. history. 

Watch the music video for “Holy” below!

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