Joyce Wrice Shares Nostalgic Visual for “On One”

Featured Photo Credit: Lee Winkler

Fast climbing R&B singer and songwriter, Joyce Wrice, joins forces with Freddie Gibbs in the official video for her new single “On One” available now. This track is only one of her hugely anticipated forthcoming 2021 debut album, Overgrown, executive produced by D’Mile.

On the release of her new single, “On One,” Joyce shares, “Working on ‘On One’ with Freddie was such an honor! I’ve been a fan of his for years so to have him on my album is crazy! When I first created the song with D’Mile and co-writer DC, I knew I needed a rapper on it. I grew up listening to Mariah Carey and loved how she had rappers on her records so I wanted to do the same for this album. I hit up Freddie on Twitter and I presented the record to him at his studio and he loved it. He wrote his verse so fast without even writing anything down and just glided through the song.”

The accompanying visual to her track opens on a scrabble board displaying the song’s title and credits. Wrice then appears surrounded by her besties who eventually join up with her crew. The nineties vibe is prominent, and the good vibes are undeniable. Listeners are sure to fall in love with her cool, nostalgic rhythm. 

Wrice hails from Southern California, raised by her Japanese mother and African-American father. As an only child Joyce was quiet, curious, and observant, and found entertainment in her surroundings eventually discovering her love for music riding in the passenger’s seat of her father’s car. Breaking her silence, she started singing, imitating chart-topping songs that played on the radio. Entering a new age of technology this continued into high school where she took to YouTube, showcasing her developing talents and her everlasting discography of 90’s R&B covers. After college, Joyce moved to Los Angeles in search of her voice, her own words and experiences. Overtime she found her own groove and unique, unequivocal sound.

On the forthcoming release of her debut album, Overgrown, Wrice says, “I am so grateful to finally release my debut album, ‘Overgrown’! I titled the album ‘Overgrown’ because all of my fears and insecurities that I’ve allowed to hold me back I’ve overcome and I’m ready to let go of all of it and shine my light. To create this album was a dream come true and a team effort. I hope my story and this album can encourage others to shine their light and never give up on themselves.”

Wrice’s classically modern sound and perspective is sure to resonate with her generation.

Joyce Wrice’s debut album Overgrown is due out on March 19, 2021 via Sony Music’s The Orchard.