Jena Rose Releases New Song ‘Manners’

New to the music scene, Jena Rose, an indie-pop singer songwriter from Plano, Texas, has already made her mark on the Billboard charts. Her songs “Reasons” and “Sweet Love” ranked in the the Top 20 Billboard Dance Club Songs last year.

ECHO had the chance to chat with Jena Rose about new music, the songwriting process and her new single “Manners.”

You write your own music, what inspired you to write your newest single, Manners?

My co-writer, Scott Ritchie and I were eating dinner with the producer of the song, Michael Fatkin, and the conversation of table manners came up. We then came up with the concept of a wanting someone to not only be kind to you in a relationship, but kind to everyone around them as well.

Last year, you released your first EP, Reasons. Can fans expect a full album soon?

I’m writing a ton right now and planning to release another EP soon! I’d love to do a full album in the future as well!

You’ve been working with producers like Druski and Michael Fatkin. How did you get connected with them?

My manager, Andre Recke, connects me with the producers I work with! Sometimes the recommendations may come from others in the music industry as well who think I’d work well with certain producers.

Jena Rose will be joining Aly and AJ on a few of their Sanctuary Tour stops in June. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Get tickets here.