James Bay Chats Why Album “Leap” Means So Much To Him

If you needed that Romeo & Juliet summer album, we have one that pulls at the heart strings and loving emotions, tensed emotions. With his new single on the album, “Chew On My Heart,” James Bay recently talked to the press about his album.

“I’m trying to hit people for the first time right there because that’s what my favorite music does for me, it moves me immediately.” 

This sentiment, shared by James Bay, is evident in his long-awaited third album, Leap. Twelve tracks remind listeners how much they’ve missed Bay’s heartfelt melodies and confessional lyrics after a four-year album release gap. 

On this project he stated, “I’ve gone to a new depth of reality with regards to what I say in my songs. 99% of my songs are written from a very personal experience. I was always writing in a more abstract way, I think definitely on my first album, sometimes on my second album because I was alway afraid to just say it…I tried to do it a lot more this time because I wanted to face the fear I felt I had.” Bay shared.

Listeners hear this hope in songs like “Endless Summer,” which he shared was one of his favorites and one of the first songs he wrote for the album. “We camp out at festivals for like 3,4,5 night. It’s just this lazy, seemingly almost endless experience. It’s just euphoria. And on that final night when the headliner is coming on, and the sun has just gone down that haziness and that glow and that magic you don’t want that to end ever. I wanted to draw on that in a song,” he shared of the inspiration. 

During a 1824 press conference, he also reminisced on one of his favorite “Endless Summer” nights touring with Ed Sheeran in Iceland, which included midnight team swims and gatherings around the fire. 

The album is one that makes you reminiscent on past summer love, an experience that was made during that summer. It brings you back to that moment where you leaped into love and felt alive.

Stream his new album “Leap” now!