Jackson Guthy Performs New EP at Moroccan Lounge

If you’re looking for new music, look no further. Jackson Guthy just released his brand new EP and it is full of songs that will hit you right in the heart. From the song “Crash,” to “Giants,” to “Two Little Lights,” all the songs on Guthy’s new EP connect to his childhood, his upbringing and relationships.

Guthy recently performed at the Moroccan Lounge where all his friends came out to support him. Guthy took to the stage after Cody Lovas performed his set. Guthy came out to sing his whole new EP which was short but in due respect, it was one quality performance. Guthy poured his heart and soul into every single song from when he came out onto the stage singing “Giants” to when he left singing us his “Stories.” We caught a glimpse of what is to come, and that’s more. Guthy will sure be gracing the House of Blues stage soon with a full one hour set, but for now we wait.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

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