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Jack Gray Performs Intimate Show In Venice, CA

Breaking Sound had an Unpublished showcase this week at Townhouse in Venice Beach, and featured several emerging artists like Abigail Rose, Sammy Platkin and Jack Gray.

Jack, who is originally from Australia, moving to LA just 8 months ago, wowed the crowd with his raspy, yet clear cut vocals on Thursday night. He started off his set by playing his song “Fools,” on the acoustic guitar. He then moved to the keyboard to give us a soulful cover of “Aint No Sunshine” which the crowd joined him in singing. “Alright, let’s bring the mood down, you’re all a bit too happy for my liking.” Jack says in a heavy Aussie accent.. the crowd giggles.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

He introduces a song called “Bullet” that he wrote about the high suicide rate in his hometown. Jack manages to perform this song on guitar and keyboard at the same time, warning the audience beforehand by saying, “I’m gonna try to play these two things at once and I haven’t done that in a while, so forgive me, but we’re gonna give it a red hot crack.” He then points out that Americans don’t use that phrase and then says, “Let’s give it a go!”

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

He plays another song on the guitar called “Sofa” before ending the night on a sentimental note with his upcoming single “One Step Back.” He introduces it by saying, “before Covid, I had the pleasure of touring Europe, Australia, and North America, but I felt out of touch with my family and friends. It was really hard on me, but I really had to take a step back.”

Keep your eyes open for the release in the upcoming months. You can check out Jack Gray’s music on all platforms and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @jackgraymusic.

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