Indie Punk/Emo Band Waxflower Release Debut EP ‘We Might Be Alright’

Featured Photo Credit: Mitch Lowe

indie punk/emo band Waxflower have released their debut EP ‘We Might Be Alright’ via international label, Rude Records. 

Featuring previous singles “Not Alone” and “Food For Your Garden,” the 5 track project radiates Kisschasy and Jimmy Eat World energy with its honest, confiding lyrics and rich guitar. 

The EP also documents the evolution of the 2 year old band, “When we started this band in 2019 I felt hopeless, crippled by anxiety and panic. I didn’t know that this band would be the thing to pull me out of those depths,” the band shared on their instagram.  “I was forced out of my “comfort” zone and into scenarios I would have only dreamt of in the years before. People seemed to believe in us, I started to as well. The songs you hear today capture this change in my mindset. I feel lucky to have captured such a transformative time in my life with these tracks. It finally feels like everything might be alright.”

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