Hitha Releases Uplifting Anthem “We Will Last”

Featured Photo Credit: Gramophone Media

After the release of her acclaimed debut single “Independent,” 15-year-old singer-songwriter Hitha is back with her latest uplifting song “We Will Last.” 

In this emotional and empowering track, produced by Krunk-a-Delic (Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Hudson), Hiltha shares her personal struggles, hoping her candor will make listeners feel less alone. “I was inspired to write ‘We Will Last’ when I realized that everyone needs support, someone or something to lean on. The lyrics are an encouraging message for all listeners to let them know that someone will always be there for them, some way and somehow,” Hiltha shared. 

This California based artist’s upcoming album, ‘We Are Who We Are,’ will continue to musically reveal Hitha’s truths and positivity.

Listen to “We Will Last” here.