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half⋅alive Hits Boston on ‘Conditions of a Punk’ Tour

half⋅alive hit Boston on their Conditions of a Punk Tour on April 27. The trio played a packed House of Blues with opening support from Dev Lemon and Tessa Violet. 

The band has been known for its choreography and began the evening accordingly, although unexpected. The first two songs of the group’s set were performed behind a white translucent sheet held up by two presumed crew members. Flashlights of different colors were then used from behind casting shadows of the artists in accordance with rhythms and beats.

Photo Credit: Iz Indelicato
Photo Credit: Iz Indelicato

Not being able to see the trio only increased the anticipation and energy of the crowd, which was already impressibly high for a Thursday night. By the time the sheet was dropped, audience members and lead singer Josh Taylor, drummer Brett Kramer and bassist J. Tyler Johnson alike were working up a sweat.

The wide age range of the crowd was difficult not to notice, as well as their knowledge of lyrics. The Conditions of a Punk Tour is in support of Half Alive’s sophomore album of the same name which was released on December 22 of 2022.

Photo Credit: Iz Indelicato

In past interviews, half⋅alive has said they enjoy experimenting with many genres and take influence from a wide range of artists including Sufjan Stevens, Kimbra, and Chance the Rapper. 

Perhaps it is their well-influenced sound that’s given half⋅alive such an appeal, or maybe it’s the universal messages and honesty regarding the human experience in their lyrics. Either way, it’s not too hard to see what all the fuss is about … And the hypnotizing choreography doesn’t hurt.

Photo Credit: Iz Indelicato

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