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Gunnar Gehl Releases Debut EP “ONE SECOND OF ONE DAY”

Earlier this year we chatted with rising musician Gunnar Gehl again. We chatted about his new music and what he’s been to during quarantine. Now, just yesterday, Gehl released his debut EP, ONE SECOND OF ONE DAY.

The new EP shows his energy of a rock star and eloquence of a troubadour and the spirit of a champion. Gehl makes the most of every second, and moment on his debut EP, ONE SECOND OF ONE DAY. The 9 track collection shows Gehl boasting stadium size guitar lines, clever lyrics and catchy hooks, exploring live inside and out.

Leading up to the project, Gehl released his songs such as the pulsating “Nobody Knows,” tackling vulnerability in his song “Lose Myself.” Gehl sings about anxiety and pressure in his song “Good Enough,” something we should all listen to. His song “Missing Someone” is a rollercoaster of emotions.

With COVID-19 forcing many musicians to out a hold on their live shows, Gehl seen this as an opportunity to do something different and used it to reach out and inspire people. That’s the whole idea behind the title “ONE SECOND OF ONE DAY” livestream campaign which featured performances by artists such as Loren gray, Nessa Barret, as well as discussions with guests such as Tori Spelling and an appearance from Demi Lovato.

Gehl has come a long way since we first chatted with Gehl at his Boston show opening for PRETTYMUCH. As he introduces his music to the world, Gehl has one major hope for the project, to expand and deepen that already close connection with his fans.

Listen to his debut EP now!

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