Griff Clawson Shares 3rd Solo Release “Things You Said”

In 2020, SoCal singer/songwriter Griff Clawson found himself writing with EDM-heavyweights such as ARTY and Matoma. It wasn’t until writing his latest single, “Things You Said,” that he found the confidence to go solo.

 “”Things You Said” is really the song that helped me get over the ledge to start releasing music. It was the first song that I felt confident about that also felt true to myself,” Clawson shared. 

The pop, acoustic single is Clawson’s 3rd solo release. Like “Chasing Highs” and “2Lovely,” the single explores relatable stages of a relationship. 

“For me the song captures the feeling of confusion when words people once spoke to each other no longer ring true, and takes you through some scenes of personal story and how I felt coming off of a (metaphorical) high with somebody,” Clawson explained. 

Listen to “Things You Said” here!

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