Gracie Abrams Wraps 2020 with Single “Brush Fire”

Songwriter Gracie Abrams recently released her latest single, “Brush Fire.” 

Adhering to the format of her 2020 seven-single debut “minor,” Abrams threads intimate storytelling, intricate melodies, and dreamy keyboard tones in this new track.

It was important for the 21-year-old artist to also release “Brush Fire” in 2020.

“I wanted this song to come out before the end of the year because it feels kind of like a bookend,” says Abrams. “There are new feelings and new sounds that come with the new music. “Brush Fire” felt it needed to live closer to “minor,”  like neighbors.”

The performance video for “Brush Fire” captures the song’s desolate mood, showing Abrams seated on the floor of an empty theater and Jesso at a secluded keyboard. 

Abrams recently wrapped up a worldwide virtual tour, performing songs from “minor” for audiences in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Berlin, Sydney, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, United Kingdom, France and Malaysia.