Gracie Abrams Shares New Single “Block Me Out”

New single “Block Me Out” marks Gracie Abrams’ first release of 2022. The track cuts deep into raw emotional expression through the story of self-reflection woven by Abrams.

Fuzzy tones of acoustic guitar and soft vocals increase in intensity throughout each verse leading up to the powerful chorus. Abrams puts her strong vocals to work blending with the raw instrumentals and brooding lyrics.

Overthinking and self doubt shroud the tag line, “I’ve been thinkin’ way too loud, I wish that I could block me out,” and showcase the intimacy Abrams shares with her fans through her music. She continues through verses flush with intricate lines pondering mental health and searching for yourself.   

Abrams just set off as support for Olivia Rodrigo on her upcoming Sour Tour after finishing her own North America solo tour and is set to begin working on her first solo album.