Gabrielle Current Releases Debut EP ‘Virgo’

Featured Photo Credit: Nicole Lewis

Neo-soul/R&B singer-songwriter Gabrielle Current is opening up on her 5-track debut EP ‘Virgo.’

From “Make It Right” to the lead single “Serenity,” listening to the EP is like flipping through the pages of Current’s journal. Her authentic writing exposes even the most vulnerable emotions and experiences with love, loss, empowerment, and discovery. That poetic honesty is intertwined with laid-back synths and jazz infused melodies. 

On the project written with Austin Brown (Hablot Brown), Mark Pelli (Sabrina Claudio, Jennifer Lopez), and Charlie Perry (Jorja Smith, BTS, Current shared, “I write music as a tool for healing and inspiration, so it’s amazing to create out of personal experience and it brings me a lot of freedom. ‘Virgo’ felt like the right collection to share because as I landed on a sound that really felt like me, I also gained a deeper understanding of the woman and artist I want to continue growing into. As we go track-by-track, I learn to put bad energy behind me to choose love and nurture myself.” 

Current hopes that her music not only resonates, but creates community, “ I’m proud of my Asian-American heritage and I’ve learned through my Filipino culture how important our values of family and togetherness is. There weren’t many Asian artists in music when I was younger, or artists that looked like me to begin with,” Gabrielle Current reflects, “So I hope to be a voice that inspires and shows that there is room for everyone in all genres/styles. My taste in music is as diverse as my ethnicity and my personality. I hope to connect with as many people as possible through the songs I share by not just being one thing.”

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