Ferdous Releases Debut EP ‘For My Own Sake’

Artist, writer and producer, Ferdous, formerly of the pop duo, Klyne has released his debut solo EP ‘For My Own Sake.’

The six-track project, including it’s lead single, “Gravity” plays like a journal entry as Ferdous chronicles and examines the past three years of his life through synth soaked melodies. 

“I made these songs over the span of three years after putting Klyne aside and while it’s hard to imagine how many highs and lows I’ve been through in this period, it’s painfully evident for me when I hear back these songs. Each one is some sort of tiny glimpse of the person I was during that moment, when I was at my best and at my worst. I was constantly changing and I feel nervous about sharing this change, but right now this EP is the most accurate representation I could possibly give for myself as an artist and a person,” Ferdous shared of the writing process.

Ferdous continued, “I’m euphoric about sharing this music with you and being able to get closure from a past life this way and I wish the same for anyone else who’s trying to let go of the person they no longer are.”

Listen to the EP here.