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EXCLUSIVE: Zara Larsson Talks New Music and Tour

On May 6th, Zara Larsson will embark on her first headlining tour. Previously, she toured as an opening act for Clean Bandit. ECHO had the chance to chat with Larsson before she hit the road.

How have you been so far this year?

Messy! I was supposed to get my life together, but that hasn’t happened. I also have 0 saved numbers on my phone…it gives me a bit anxiety. With that, though, I am really happy. There are so many great things going on that I am so excited about.

You’re about to embark on a small unique tour! Why did you decide to just go to a few select cities and why those cities? 

I have never toured in America and I’m always so nervous that there will only be 5 people in the crowd, so I wanted to test it out. I would rather sell out a smaller crowd than have an empty venue, so I really just want to see how people react to it. So far, I’ve gotten a really good response.

You released your single “Ruin My Life” last year and just recently released “Don’t Worry Bout Me.” What was it like recording those two songs?

Both were super easy to record for me. I was a little more involved with “Don’t Worry Bout Me”, but both were super fun and different. My music taste is super diverse, which shows in the difference between the two songs.

Between the two songs, do you have a favorite? 

Definitely “Don’t Worry Bout Me” because it’s the newest one and I wrote it!

You’ve been in the industry for a bit, what have you learned while being in this industry?

Trust my gut and do what I like – that’s usually what works. I also have learned to try things. If it doesn’t work out, it’s not that deep!

You’re from Sweden. Do you think being a European musician it makes it that much harder to crossover into the American industry?

Yeah, maybe a bit. But also, I grew up in Europe and it was really hard to find the motivation to go to America because in Europe you are in higher demand and you get paid more. It is very humbling and a great experience to come to America. The world is so big, you can be huge and play the biggest stages in Asia and then people don’t know you in the states. It’s one of my dreams to be big in America. I’ll never give up on that.  

Do you have a favorite fan moment? 

I have this little clique – they go to every show…no joke. They travel, even to my shows in America. It’s the absolute best thing ever, too, because they are now best friends. They went to Italy together to come see and had a holiday together after. It is amazing to see how my music can bring people together.

Finally, you’re releasing singles here and there. Can we expect a new album later this year? What are your main goals as this year goes on? 

Yeah! There will be at least one more song that comes out before the album, though. Maybe a video too…

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