EXCLUSIVE: Zach Hood Talks Label Debut “Pink Ferrari”

Growing up in Alabama, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Zach Hood always dreamed of releasing original music. 

In middle school, he started to share his talents on Instagram, sharing covers with his growing followers. However, it wasn’t until he posted a snippet of an original pop song to TikTok that those dreams became reality. 

Now the viral TikTok star counts himself among Arista Records’ impressive roster with his label debut “Pink Ferrari.”

We chatted with Hood all about the evolution of the single, the music video, and more! 

Excerpt from the podcast: 

You shared your new single “Pink Ferrari” on your TikTok and it got more than 10 million views. Did you expect it to get that much of a reaction?

No, I did not. It was great. It was crazy. I remember I posted, I think it was like 7:00 PM and I saw it sort of like going up a little bit and I was like, okay. I fell asleep and I woke up to my phone blowing up and I was like, oh shit, this is sick. I remember I told my girlfriend because she was in the video, she was crying in the video, if you’ve seen it. She was like, ‘no, everyone is going to see me crying’ and I was like … but no, yeah, it was sick. 

What inspired the song, originally?

I made a voice note and it was actually called “Yellow Ferrari” at the time. 

What was the change for? 

We went through the whole rainbow, I feel like, but at one time it was “Yellow Ferrari,” that was the first one. Then it was “Blonde Ferrari,” which was kind of weird. I was like, I don’t know, so I said pink, and then we just went with pink. 

It was on a Sunday, it was late at night, and we were all really, really tired. I was like, ‘Jayden,’ the producer that made the song, I was like, ‘please, can we go back to your place and do this?’ He was like, ‘fine.’ They didn’t want to do it. We went in and did it, it was so sick. 

The song is about wanting more out of life. Life gets so repetitive sometimes going to the same bars, drinking the same drinks with the same people. You kind of want that new flame, just something new, interesting in your life. You’re just tired of it. And yeah, it’s just like, get the black tinted windows on and pink Ferrari. A pink Ferrari is sick, but you get the black tinted windows cause you don’t want to be seen and you drive fast past the paparazzi because it doesn’t matter about all that. It’s just like, I don’t know. It’s a cool song. It’s really deep if you listen to the lyrics.

You mentioned on your Instagram that this is one of your favorite songs yet. What is your favorite part of the song? 

I would say just how the chorus comes in, or like the pre to the chorus. It just drops. It feels so good, so much adrenaline. I love it. 

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