EXCLUSIVE: That Band Honey Talks Band Name, “Talk Like That” and More

That Band Honey will sound sweet and refreshing to your hears when you listen to their new single “Talk Like That.” Their new single brings a new summer feel to road trips and we chatted with members Booboo and Davin about their new single and much more!

How did you two meet first of all?

I mean, so many years ago, I think it’s been like 15 years now,

Davin: Booboo and a group called T squad and my little sister Deanna was a fan actually, she got to know him. Yeah, he wanted to start a rock band, which we ended up starting calling Echo’s and Angels. Basically, I sent in an audition tape to him and his family and they liked me. And then I joined the band and then we became friends.

How did you come up with the band name “That Band Honey?”

Yeah, it was, I think we originally wanted honey, but we saw this there’s a few other bands like that have used that.

It was just like the name, smooth sweet felt like our music kind of fit like, that kind of a vibe. Yeah. And then we just added that banner. There were other bands that were honey with different names. Yeah. It’s kind of hard nowadays, all the names are taken.

Talk about the creative process behind your new song “Talk Like That” and why did you pick this song as your first song back since the pandemic started?

So, this one, I mean, we kind of write most of our stuff on acoustic.

I’ll usually start on acoustic. I kind of had the chords, I really like the chords and I had an idea somewhat of a chorus melody, and I brought it to BooBoo and we just finished it together. As far as what it’s about, just being in a relationship with that, I would describe it as like, almost being in a toxic relationship, but kind of liking it and enjoying it.

I feel like, I’ve been in a lot of relationships that I knew weren’t good for me, but, you’re kind of attached to them. That’s kind of, what’s it like what it’s about and, you know, you should get out of a relationship, but no, you stay in it. So, the chorus says, make it hurt so bad when you talk like that.

Yeah, it talks about just like needing that, uh, attention. I think we confuse, uh, that kind of, yeah, it’s like a toxic relationship you can confuse it with actual love a lot of the time when it’s not it.

How would compare this sound/genre to the music you released prior to the pandemic?

It sounds more like a live band. Our other stuff was more like intentionally pop, I would say, yeah, this wasn’t, we weren’t like necessarily trying to write. I don’t really think. I’m not sure we ever try to write a genre, but this one is definitely more like. It’s like a rock-ish type. It feels more through a back, like, yeah.

It feels more like a throwback song, like to the seventies. Yeah, like almost 70’s throwback vibe. Like Davis said, we never really intentionally try to like, let’s write a electronic song and let’s write a rock song or punk song. Lately we’ve been, I don’t know. We just, we both just listened to so many different genres of music.

For you, Booboo, you’ve been in a movie called Descendants on Disney, so has the focus switched from acting to music now or are you still focusing on both?

I’m an actor, I’m musician, I’m an artist, but yeah, I literally think it all can be then, you know, just if I have to go off and do movie, I get the movie. Then when we’re back, you know, we’re a tour like. Ideal situation. I remember I was filming actually one of the last Descendants, Dave actually came up and visit and hung out with me for like three weeks, a couple of weeks and we were writing, we were writing music, so, you know, if you want to do it, you make time to do it.

If you were to set up a fan setting for them to listen to your new music, what setting would that be?

I would say just like driving down the freeway, like blasting it. I just, I think that’s the summer vibe.

Booboo: Yeah, in a car, this song definitely in a car, it’s kind of that vibe. We have other songs that are definitely, I would say you should dance too.

Davin: Yeah. I think just anywhere that makes you feel good. I think that’s our intention, you know, write music that makes people feel happy. That’s at least what I do. Music is an outlet for me to feel good. I know some people are like more about expressing  some of the, I mean, not that we can, but like for, for us, our band, I feel like it it’s about, feeling good. You know, there’s so much darkness in the world. So, for me, that’s kind of a, it’s a way to make myself and people feel better.

What is one quote that you guys have maybe heard in life that you’d want to ECHO out to fan?

Booboo: One when that comes to mind, cause my sense, it says it and I really like it a lot. “To command others, first you must command yourself.” So, you know, you tell somebody to do something, you should probably do it first.

Davin: For me, It’s going to sound surface level, but I think happiness, the fact that “happiness is a choice.”

And what I mean by that is that, I think as humans we can get so bogged down by our situation, or, you know, we get happiness from external things. I even do that, you know, with our music and things like that. I think realizing that even just to be alive and the simple things in life can bring you happiness.

Really like we were saying, having control over your mind and your perspective is huge for me. That changed my life, you know, knowing that I can choose to be happy now rather than waiting to be happy. I think that’s kind of in our music too, you know, the vein of happiness and enjoy right now in the moment, rather than waiting to, to enjoy your life.

Stream “Talk Like That” now!

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