EXCLUSIVE: Reece Wiltshire-Fessey Chats New Song “Finish Line” and More

If you’re looking for new music to listen to, you should give Reece Wiltshire-Fessey a listen to. His new single “Finish Line” just came out today and it’s a song that will motivate you to look at your life, and to look ahead in optimism. We chatted with Reece about the new single and much more!

How are you?

I’m doing pretty good thanks! I’m glad that things are slowly getting back to normal so everywhere doesn’t feel like the apocalypse anymore! 

You took a little break from music. What can we expect from your new music you’re working on now?

I mainly took time out of my music to allow for growth and to grow in life as well. It was turning into every song I would write would have a similar vibe from the last, so I needed a big refresher and to step away from everything! Now I’ve got new ideas, it just allows me to take on songs with a new perspective! It’s pretty crazy what a space of 6 months can do!

What has changed since you last released your album 2020?

I mean we’re in 2021 now! Lol! I would say I’ve gained a lot more experiences since last year and new ways to take on songs. I’ve gotten heavily into a style of music called “Chillhop”, which takes elements of pop and Lo-Fi music and some of the stuff is just incredible, so expect that style to appear in my work!

What was your inspiration behind making an album titled 2020?

The whole concept and cover was going to be completely different, it changed around July time. I put out a competition for my followers to take part in creating a cover for my next single “Wolves”. I got flooded with emails of different designs and it was so hard to choose! There was a guy called Victor that emailed me with three designs and said that he didn’t have the Wolves cover yet but edited my already released single “2020”. This is the artwork that’s on the album now. I was like I need to use this, this is TOO good not to use as a cover. So I scrapped all my plans for the project and switched to 2020 as the main focus!

You just released a brand new song, Finish Line, talk about the meaning behind that song and what it means to you.

Finish Line was representing a new me coming into fruition. It’s basically me talking to myself about what’s currently going on and what to do with myself going forward! It was really easy to write as i was just addressing what was going on around me. There is a sense of coming out of lockdown as well, so everyone’s experience there own start of a new chapter as well!

How did you handle the pandemic? What habits/hobbies did you do to keep yourself occupied?

I’ve been getting into a lot of YouTube rabbit holes over lockdown to tell the truth! My main obsession has been binge listening to podcasts. I can just get lost in long meaningful conversations! I’ve been more active as well! When lockdown was lifting, I’d go to the local football pitch and play football with my mates. It was good for my mental health as well because I would’ve found lockdown, as a whole, so much harder than if I didn’t have my friends there.

Who are some of your musical inspirations that you’d love to collaborate with?

My top 3 musical inspirations have got to be Ed Sheeran, Kanye West and Jon Bellion. All 3 are extremely hard working and talented at their craft. To be in the same studio as them, watching them work, would be more than a blessing to me!

If you could set up a fan in a setting for them to listen to your music, what setting would that be?

I mean, each song would be a different setting but if I had to sum it up, a car journey home in the evening with the sun setting in the distance. Just a proper chill vibe and space to fully digest the sounds.

What’s one quote you’ve heard in life that you’d want to ECHO out to fans?

If you want to do something you’ll find a way, if you don’t want to do something you’ll find an excuse.

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